ArmorPlus protection system

The jacket comes equipped with the SHIMA ArmorPlus system, featuring a CE Category 2 Level 1 protector on the back, and a set of Level 2 protectors on the shoulders and elbows. The protectors are made from an open-cell PU material, which - under normal circumstances - works invisibly with the body. Under impact conditions, however, the material instantly hardens, absorbing most of the force.

Foam padded panels

The elbows and shoulder areas feature soft foam padding to improve protection. Situated in all the right places, the protective panels both look great, and offer great protection.

Reflective areas

VOLANTE jacket  have reflective elements that give safety at night

Full-opening panels

The jacket features a dedicated, removable heating layer (100g isolation) and a micropore NextDry membrane. the intuitively-marked fasteners make removing and reapplying the whole set a breeze. 

NextDry™ waterproff membrane

A breathable, microporous construction, the NextDry membrane is both wind- and waterproof up to 6000mm of H2O. NextDry provides an effective barrier against moisture while remaining breathable.  

Heat free system

A specially designed airflow system ensures an optimal temperature while riding.   Air vent panels are areas where it is possible to provide extra airflow without compromising safety. SHIMA Air Vents are made of a specially selected, breathable material.

Safe seams

Our specially designed safe seams provide extra ripping protection.

Width adjustments

The width adjustment system ensures great protection, while at the same time remaining comfortable and stylish. 

Connecting with pants

The jacket features a pair of standard connecting zippers, enabling you to connect it with your SHIMA jeans. Use the 360° zipper for maximum safety, of the short zipper to increase comfort.

Elastic panels

Specially-designed elastic areas guarantee freedom of movement, while the extra fabric inside the panels provide additional protection.

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The VOLANTE is a multi-purpose jacket easy to combine with riding jeans for city cruising as well as making touring safe and comfortable when used with the NOMADE trousers. It features the H3 ventilation system with panels on the chest, sleeves and the back as well as the double-sided sleeves lock. The waterproof NextDry™ membrane and HeatPro insulating vest come as a set and combined with H3 ventilation can be used from very cold to very hot days. The jacket has inserts made of reinforced elastic fabric which makes it a perfect choice for various body shapes. You will feel confident in riding with a complete system of CE protectors including the yellow ArmorPlus by SHIMA series on the back. The jacket also features a waterproof pocket and various connecting zippers for pants connection.



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