About Shima | SHIMA

A few years ago - in 2009, to be exact - we had a dream. A dream that, one day, we would change some of the things surrounding us for the better. It was then, that we released our first women's motorcycle glove, the design of which focused on achieving a better fit by taking into account the anatomy of the female hand. Met with acclaim from our customers, it convinced us of the value of our work, as more and more people began to choose SHIMA brand gear in their pursuit of motorcycling comfort and safety.

Our motto at the time, "Go Beyond", was especially representative of our outlook. Having seen how satisfied the users of our gloves were, we decided to create products that would provide even more protection, along with better ergonomics, and we pursued our goal with utter and complete devotion to the craft. We wanted to surpass our limits, gain new knowledge and broaden our experience.

These days, our belief in what we do is all the more stronger. On the racetrack, during long voyages to the remote corners of the earth, and during their daily commutes, our products accompany bikers wherever they go. That is why we strive to refine every detail of our designs, and to make sure that our products fit every motorcyclist out there like a second skin. Join us on our journey - a journey into the world of passion.